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December 2023 Member Spotlight

Luke Lucier

This month we are delighted to spotlight Luke Lucier, a funeral director with Pederson-Volker Funeral Chapel & Cremation Services. Luke's journey began in the charming town of Cavalier, North Dakota, where he discovered his passion for mortuary science through a mentor and close family friend, Tom Askew. This guiding figure played a pivotal role in Luke's upbringing by providing him with a job, a place to live, and invaluable life lessons. Encouraged by this mentor, Luke pursued his interests, eventually attending the University of Minnesota for mortuary science after graduating from Jamestown College with a degree in health and physical education.

Luke's path continued to unfold as he relocated to Minneapolis in 2003 to begin his career at Gill Brothers Funeral Chapels. It was here that he met his wife, and in 2009, he and his wife, Dana, made a home in the scenic Chippewa Valley, where they now raise their two sons, Riggins and Isaac, in the welcoming community of Lake Hallie.

Luke's approach to his work in the funeral home business is marked by genuine compassion and meticulous attention to detail. His favorite aspect of the job is sitting down with families, listening to their stories, and ensuring that every detail of the burial service reflects their loved one's unique personality. Luke's goal is simple: to provide families with everything they need, allowing them to be fully present during a difficult time. Whether it's incorporating green and yellow flowers for a Packers fan or honoring a veteran with proper service magnets, Luke goes above and beyond to create meaningful tributes.

Elected President of the Chippewa-St. Croix District with the WFDA in 2020, now Past-President, Luke has been a WFDA member since the beginning of his funeral service career. He values the WFDA not only for its resources and networking opportunities but also for its collaborative problem-solving approach when challenges arise. Luke finds deep satisfaction in the gratitude expressed by families, receiving a simple hug and sincere thanks, making each day in the funeral service business worthwhile.

While Luke's professional journey in the funeral home business began in 2009, his commitment to community and family is evident in his active involvement with youth athletics and sports management at the YMCA in Jamestown. Currently residing in Lake Hallie, he dedicates his nights and weekends to attending and coaching his sons’ baseball teams and enjoying leisurely boating excursions. Luke and his family are proud members of Christ Lutheran Church, cherishing their time together with loved ones in the close-knit community they now call home.


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