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The members of the WFDA do hereby adopt this Code of Ethics as a standard of conduct for the members of the association in their professional relationships with those they serve, with the general public, with each other, and with their profession and other professional colleagues.

1. A funeral director should deal with those he/she serves openly, fairly, confidentially, respectfully, and competently. A funeral director should:

a. Enter into business dealings with those whom he/she serves openly, fairly, and with solicitude for their emotional needs and financial limitations.

b. Maintain confidentiality of communications with those whom he/she serves.

c. Maintain an attitude of respect for the sanctity of the human remains.

d. Maintain a sincere respect for all creeds, religions and customs.

e. Offer a broad range of personal services, goods and prices consistent with the needs and desires of the families in the community.

2. A funeral director should assist in maintaining public confidence in the integrity and competence of the funeral industry. A funeral director should:

a. Support high standards of education for members of the industry.

b. Conduct himself/herself at all times with those he/she serves and with other members of the public conscientiously, in accordance with proper business standards and practices, honestly in all dealings and in a manner that reflects favorably upon the funeral industry.

c. Protect public health and safety by adherence to professional standards and by maintenance of his/her establishment in a clean and sanitary condition.

d. Help attract to the funeral service industry qualified people of good character and intellectual capacity and aid in their instruction.

e. Faithfully obey all federal and state laws, regulations and rules governing the funeral service industry both in letter and in spirit.

3. A funeral director should relate to other members of the profession with the highest standards of professionalism. A funeral director should:

a. Expose corrupt, dishonest, or unethical practices by members of the profession to the appropriate regulatory authorities.

b. Cooperate in a professional manner with other funeral directors when service of families involves the merchandise or services of other funeral homes, including, but not limited to, facilitating transfers of arrangements, both pre-need and at-need, and refraining from unfairly or untruthfully disparaging the merchandise or service of another firm.

c. Cooperate with licensing authorities, the Ethics Committee of the association, the board of directors and other authorities, public and private, that may from time to time investigate allegations of dishonesty, violations of the laws, regulations or rules or unethical conduct.

d. Encourage adherence to the law, regulations, or rules, and to this Code of Ethics, including, but not limited to, making timely and good faith responses to all inquiries made by the Ethics Committee of the association in any investigation of the breach of the Code of Ethics on the part of any member of the association.


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