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November 2023 Member Spotlight

Jeffrey Schanhofer

This month, we are pleased to spotlight Jeffrey Schanhofer, a funeral director with Lanham-Schanhofer

Funeral Home and Cremation. Jeffrey embarked on his academic journey by earning an undergraduate

degree in biology. Halfway through his studies, he recognized the need for a more focused direction and

contemplated transitioning to funeral directing. After completing his biology degree, Jeffrey pursued

mortuary school, without any prior experience. Although Jeffrey does not recommend this

unconventional route, his tenure at Worsham Mortuary College in Chicago proved invaluable. As a

mortuary student, he immersed himself in the vibrant atmosphere of Chicago, gaining hands-on

experience within a funeral home in a bustling urban setting. While job hunting, Jeffrey diligently

applied to numerous positions with no response. However, his local funeral home in Sparta extended a

job offer just two weeks before his graduation, which could not have been a more fitting location for

him to work. Thriving in the intimate setting of a small community, Jeffrey invested wholeheartedly in

local initiatives and fostering meaningful connections within the region. His dedication led him to

acquire the funeral home where he started in 2010.

The local funeral home in Sparta has been a longstanding member of WFDA, with the previous owner

also a member, a tradition that Jeffrey has proudly preserved. Currently serving as the Western District

Representative on the Board of Directors for four years, Jeffrey recognizes the multifaceted advantages

of WFDA membership. He values networking with fellow funeral directors, learning from diverse funeral

homes across Wisconsin, in both locations and size, and accessing comprehensive resources when

unforeseen challenges arise. Jeffrey considers it both a privilege and an honor to represent the Western

District within this esteemed organization. Beyond his professional endeavors, Jeffrey leads a fulfilling

personal life, balancing his time attending his children's sporting events, enjoying rounds of golf, and

passionately supporting teams like the Cubs, Chicago Bears, and Wisconsin Badgers.


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