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Funeral Apprentice Modernization Act
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Funeral Apprentice Modernization Act

In 2018, Governor Walker signed into law Assembly Bill 837, related to funeral director apprenticeships.  It is now 2017 WI Act 304.  This bill will replace current funeral director apprentice requirements in the following ways:

Education:  2017 WI Act 304 eliminates the required one year of instruction or equivalent education and replaces it with a requirement that a person compete a 16-hour certification course approved by the Funeral Director Examining Board.

Number of apprentices:  Removes the current 150 funeral per year threshold for multiple apprenticeships and now ties the number of apprentices allowed to the number of licenses funeral directors.  Under Act 304, a funeral home with one or two licensed funeral directors my have up to two apprentices.  In order to have three or more apprentices, a funeral home must have one full-time employed licensed funeral director for each apprentice.

Length of apprenticeships:  Current apprenticeships are limited to four years with a possible extension of up to one year.  Under Act 304 the apprenticeship may be extended by four year terms if the apprentice again completes the approved certification course.

Supervision:  Currently, apprentices must be under the personal supervision of a licensed funeral director.  Under Act 304, it is specified that an apprentice must be within the funeral directors line of sight when working in a preparation room

Applicability:  Please note, the effective date of Act 304 is the first day of the 7th month beginning after publication, which works out to Thursday, November 1, 2018.

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